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The Company

C.C.E. focuses on the provision of product marking and handling solutions for a wide variety of industry sectors and for all sizes of component, from the smallest to the largest. Our objective is to provide our customers with a complete service, from concept through implementation and ongoing support.


Focusing on Hot-Stamping, Pad-Printing and Screen-Printing marking, C.C.E. has been providing customers with a comprehensive product marking service.

Each marking requirement is uniquely different and the C.C.E. process begins by designing a solution, in partnership with the customer, which will work reliably and cost-effectively.


Forty years of accumulated expertise contributes to a complete turnkey solution, comprising a tailored press, the correct tooling, consumables and, where necessary, an automated handling system to integrate with the customer's manufacturing process. Training, ongoing support and maintenance are all part of the C.C.E. package.


Our mission is to help our customers on the definition, adaptation and implementation of business methods and with technology to strength their competitive advantage.


Increase our range of products, with new solutions that help the enterprise and technological management of our customers, in the way to permit the sustained growth of our company and the realization of our employees.

Quality Policy

C.C.E., in an ambient of continual improvement, searches to satisfy the needs of our internal and external customers, manufacturing suitable products and innovative services, regarding international standards and good industry practice in a way to guarantee its quality.


Our customers and our team are the real capital of C.C.E.


We place our Customers as Partners of the business, and therefore, indivisible part of our success. We look for the development of long-term business relations with our Customers, through the quality of our products and services


Our team is constituted by professionals with talent compromised with the excellency and highly motivated.



C.C.E. values are the fundamental base of our enterprise culture:


• Commitment with the customer;

• Commitment with ours suppliers;

• Commitment with our collaborators;

• Commitment with quality;

• Leadership and technological update;

• Permanent innovation;

• Global attitude and respect for the cultural diversity and ambient;

• Equal chances for all;

• Legal fulfilment of norms and rules in stand;

• Honesty, ethics, integrity and respect.


Our biggest challenge is to supply high quality products and services, integrating management methods and technology.



Check out our machine range

Whether packaging or machine industry, automotive or medical branch, C.C.E.  is your competent partner and offers you a comprehensive range of hot stamping  pad printing and screen printing machines

Travessa do Futuro, n.º 76 | Lugar de Barros (Z.Industrial) | Silvalde | 4500-182 Espinho | Portugal


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